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Meet AdiGuitar & definately no backing vocals


How long have you been playing?

I first picked up an guitar when I was 10, so 29 years ago, but I've been hammering out the hard licks and gigging properly for the better part of 10 years now. I Should have done it a lot earlier tho, I love playing live!

Do you play anything else?

No, but after a good curry I can fart "God Save the Queen" in all Major keys (does that count?)

What was the name of the first band you were in?

It was called Duvet and the only thing that was missing was a pillow. Just kidding! As with every muscian, your first band teaches you loads and allows you to step out of the bedrrom and onto the stage. The better part of a decade later I'm still learning and using some of those first experiences to help build, what is now considered, one of the best rock covers bands around.

Who are your musical influences?

Slash, Eddie Van-Halen, Randy Rhodes

Tell us a musical secret you've been hiding

I change my effects more often than my underwear but who cares cos I love playing guitar and I intend on being a guitarist for the rest of time, both in this world and the next and if the Rock Gods tell me I have to be reincarnated back on Earth I'm gonna ask to be a G-string!

What was the last live concert you saw?

The new Guns and Roses line up (basically just Axl)

Are you with anyone?

Yes - my lovely wife Charlotte (AKA the Fhurer - sorry luv)

What's your ambition?

To drink Deano under the table. Failing that to grow a handle bar mustache like Lee and ride a harley, yeah, Rock n Roll! Neithers gonna happen tho, cause I can't get served without ID and a strong wind shaves me!! They don't call me the baby faced assasin for nothing you know.

Do you drink? If so what are partial to?

Does a bear shit in the woods, course I drink!... Rock and Roll baby... If anyones at the bar, mines a coke please :-)

Who's your hero(s)?

Heros, never miss an epissode, love the show. Ohhhhh, see what you mean. Well I'm a guitarist and a huge GNR fan, so muscially, it would have to be Slash, but all my influences are my musical heros.

Adi′ equipment


Gibson Les Paul Studio

Super Slinky 9 strings

Jim Dunlop
2mm pick

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