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Meet DeanoDrums & backing vocals


How long have you been playing?

I've been playing since I was 3 (No, I don't just mean hitting things with sticks and making a noise, which I'm sure we can all claim to have done at 3! :D), so over 30 years but I starting playing live gigs when I was about 7 with various bands my Dad played in.

Do you play anything else?

Guitar & bass.

What was the name of the first band you were in?

CounterAct was my first band when I was about 12 but I played live with my Dad's groups from the age of about 7. I've played with dozens of bands and artists, both pro and semi pro, for studios, labels and even fun (Just kidding, ALWAYS for fun... lol :D) and covering many different genres and styles. I just love playing and learning.

Who are your musical influences?

I think my biggest influence is my Dad, himself a top class drummer, but also drummers like Gene Krupa, John Bonham, Ginger Baker, Buddy Rich, Matt Sorum, Nicko McBrain, Roger Taylor, Lar Ulrich plus many more musicians and even more bands. There's too many to mention! Everything I've ever heard has influenced and helped me to find my personal style of playing in some way.

Tell us a musical secret you've been hiding

I've seen Cliff Richard live, (Mum's fault!) more than once, (Mum's fault!) and enjoyed it, a little! (Probably Mum's fault!)

What was the last live concert you saw?

Meat Loaf! Comp tickets in an O2 box through work. I have to admit, I went for the experience but it was a great show, and his band were amazing!

Are you with anyone?

My beautiful wife Heather, my reason for living and for being skint! just kidding, love you!

What's your ambition?

Be happy, enjoy my family, enjoy my playing, earn a little, love a lot!

Do you drink? If so what are partial to?

No, not in small quantities anyway! Just a plain and boring lager man I'm afraid, with shots obviously! That said I'm partial to a good Bourbon whiskey every now and then, for medicinal purposes.
Why? Are you buying... ;D

Who's your hero(s)?

My family!  Mum & Dad for helping me be the man I am today, and my wife and kids for their support and love. (Especially my wife for not lynching me when spending money on new equipment, which she's entitled to.) Love you all xx

Deano′ equipment

Tama Swingstar Vintage
22"x18" Bass Drum
14"x5.5" Snare Drum
10"x8" Tom Tom
12"x9" Tom Tom
13"x10" Tom Tom
14"x14" Floor Tom
16"x16" Floor Tom

Sabian AAX 8" Dark Splash
Sabian AAX 12" Dark Splash
Sabian AAX 15" Dark Crash
Sabian AAX 16" Dark Crash
Sabian AAX 17" Dark Crash
Sabian AAX 18" Dark Crash
Sabian AAX 19" Metal Crash
Sabian AAX 15" X-plosion Chinese
Sabian AAX 18" Xtreme Chinese
Sabian AAX 14" Metal Hi Hats x 2

Tama Roadpro Snare Stand (HS700WN)
Tama Roadpro Boom Stand (HC74BWN) x 4
Tama Roadpro Straight Stand (HC72WN) x 3
Tama Titan Stilt Boom Stand (HC104TB) x 2
Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Hi Hat Stand
Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide Double Pedal (HP900PTW)
Tama Ergo-Rider Quartet with Backrest (HT741)
Tama Closed Hi-Hat (MXA53)
Tama Clamps (MC62's & MC66's)
Tama Single Tom Attachment (MTH900AS)
Tama Short Booms (MCB30EN) x 2
Gibraltar Percussion Mount

Drum percussion:
10" Roto tom
8" Roto tom
6" Roto tom
LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell
LP Rock Classic Ridge Rider Cowbell
LP Stealth Jam Block
Meinl Headliner Mountable ABS Tambourine

Drum effects:
Alesis Sample Pad

Zildjan 3a Wood
Ahead (Various, sound/song specific)

Remo Coated Pinstripe
Remo Coated Emperor-X
Remo Coated Powerstroke Pro

Drum mics:
EV PL33 Bass drum x 1
EV PL35 Tom/snare x 6
EV PL37 Overhead Condensers x 2

Vocal Mics:
Shure WBH54B

Shure PSM200 (IEMs)
Wharfdale Pro EVP-X12PM

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