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Dynamite Chickenhow did this lot get together

Dynamite Chicken was originally formed in October 2006 after a stag do to Benidorm, when it was mentioned Adi knew a few chords on the guitar and Deano mentioned he loved slapping some skins!

At that point no one could have known that Adi literally meant three chords and Deano simply wanted to go home to his lovely lady for...well you get the picture, still, they managed to fumble their way through, learn more chords, hit the drum skins and put together Dynamite Chicken. Over the years Dynamite Chicken made various personnel changes until finally forming today's line-up.

Dynamite Chicken is all about fun, family, friendship, and most importantly, good music, and they provide this at every gig!

A note to the wise though! If they're playing your party or wedding remind your guests not sit in the front row, UFD's (Unidentified Flying Drumsticks) have been known to fly towards Adi and Lee at rapid speeds and ladies, forget the high heels and short skirts, you never know when Deano might get tired and pull you up to play the drums.

If that wasn't enough, We have our axeman, Adi. Whatever you do don't give him any alcohol! The last time this happened we were in a comdey club and the comedian was playing a guitar...until Adi decided he could do it better! He's a man of many talents, most of which are only known to his wife (Enough said!) but he knows how to play, we just hope he loses his mic... :O

Do not adjust your sets! James May is not playing the bass, by the way he loves it when People call him James May! :O, but he is our very own Captain Cool. Seanie is the latest addition to the Dynamite Chicken family and brings some fanitastic licks, OH ER MRS, and more speakers than the rest of the band put together. Anyway, he's as crazy as the rest of them and rounds off the very powerful back-line of Dynamite Chicken.

Finally, let us not forget the fearless frontman of Dynamite Chicken, Lee "The Human Joke Book" Gleeson! The man with the facial hair and tattoo desire of Paul Tutle Snr. but the muscle mass of Kate Moss! lol :O... If the music doesn't keep you entertained then the jokes will, well, three out of five anyway. You've been warned!

To find out more about any of the guys read their profiles or check out their gear under "The Band" menu dropdown above. Alternatively, why not post them a question or just leave a message. They always love to hear from their fans.

Dynamite Chicken are considered one of the best modern and classic rock cover bands around and always put on a fantastic show. To read what people have said about Dynamite chicken click here.

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